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Our Team

Our Team

The best teams are made of individuals who are not only intelligent and creative, but also like-minded. Lucky for us, our team has it all! We are a group of educators, doctors, dental students, and engineers with the common goal of revolutionizing the way students learn and prepare for the Dental Admissions Test.

Shahed B.
Doctor of Dental Surgery | Prosth. Resident
University of Alberta | UTennessee
Booster Prep Co-founder

Ishaan P.
Doctor of Dental Surgery
University of Detroit Mercy
Booster Prep Co-founder

Ali S.
Doctor of Dental Surgery | Ortho. Resident
Columbia University | Texas A&M
Creator of Feralis Biology Notes

Kelsey W.
Doctor of Dental Surgery
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Resident
University of Alberta | University of Toronto

Kevin A.
Doctor of Dental Surgery
Pediatric Resident
University of Alberta | UBC

Chase G.
MSE Systems Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

Dave F.
BA Chemistry | MA Science Education
Carleton College | California State University

Nick E.
Dental Student
University of Utah

Brandon E.
Dental Student
University of Illinois

Jay S.
BA Biology
University of Colorado

Tariq O.
BA Biology
Univeristy of Illinois

Meghan S.
Software Engineering
University of Waterloo

Patrick M.
Dental Student
University of Colorado Denver

Jonathan W.
BE Mechanical Engineering
Stony Brook University

Arman S.
BSc Life Science
McMaster University

Jimmy S.
Research and Development
University of Alberta

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