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  Study Guide 

Here you will find a series of useful articles pertaining to the
Dental Admission Test (DAT).

⭐ Recommended Study Schedule

The following study schedule was created by Feralis and the DATBooster team to help you prepare for the DAT. It has been proven to be effective by thousands of students. We recommend using this study guide to stay on track and fully utilize DATBooster to it’s full potential.

Feralis-Booster 10-Week Study Guide

“Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you guys! I stuck to the study schedule and I did amazing!”
– A.M. (DAT Score: 27AA)

🧠 General

ADA Practice Tests
Official DAT Guide
Dental School Statistics
Official 2007 ADA Test
Admission with a Low GPA
DAT Statistics

✏️ DAT Prep

How to Prep for the DAT
How the DAT is Scored
When to start studying
Prepping for DAT Retake
DAT Study Tips
AA Calculation
How to Improve DAT Scores
Day before the DAT

🎯 DAT Strategies

Pomodora Technique
Active Recall

⚛ Anki

DAT Prep Using Anki
Why use Anki
Anki Workflow
Top 5 Anki Add-ons
Types of Anki Cards
Review Tests using Anki
Additional Anki Features

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