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DAT Academic Average Calculation

DAT Academic Average Calculation

How do you calculate the Academic Average for the DAT?
Article last updated: 5/9/2021

The Academic Average is the most important component of your DAT score. Dental school admission committees particularly value it highly because it is a key indicator of how well you performed on the DAT.

How do I calculate the DAT Academic Average?

The Academic Average is the rounded average of a candidate’s scale scores in Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Quantitative Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. Note: The Academic Average does not include Perceptual Ability scores.

For example, if your scores are:

DATBooster DAT Academic Average Calculator

What is a good Academic Average Score?

The higher your Academic Average score is, the better. Ideally, we recommend students aim for a DAT Academic Average of at least 21+ to stay competitive. However, if you score less than this, it’s not the end of the world. You can still get into dental school by improving other aspects of your application.

Written by Dr. Ishaan
Doctor of Dental Surgery

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