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DATBooster was an incredible resource to have as I studied for the DAT.

I prepared with both DATBooster and DATBootcamp, but those were the only two resources I used and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Kendra Domotor
Kendra Domotor
25 AA 24 PAT

DATBooster is hands down the best resource to nail the DAT by far.

I was debating between DATBootcamp and DATBooster. There is no need to pay $500 for DATBootcamp, as DATBooster has literally everything and more.

Niken Patel
Niken Patel
22 AA 20 PAT

DATBooster has literally the most representative and easy to use website.

I only had 4 weeks before my exam when I really needed to practice questions. I did all their exams and reviewed them extensively.

Joany Eux
Joany Eux
27 AA 22 PAT

DATBooster is the only resource you need, this was my primary resource and was the only reason that I was able to do well.

I used Bootcamp for a little bit but I did not like the exams they were too easy and are not representative of the DAT.

Abbas Rizvi
Abbas Rizvi
25 AA 24 PAT
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