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Upgrade to unlock everything you need to get an amazing score on the 2021 DAT.

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Why choose DATBooster?

DATBooster offers the most up-to-date and representative content available for the 2021 DAT.


Powerful Studying Tool

DATBooster is designed to help you master the Dental Admissions Test.

  • Everything you need to prepare for the DAT
  • Accurately gauge where you stand
  • Innovative learning software


Exam-like Practice Tests

Simulate the real DAT with the most representative questions.

  • 62+ High-yield DAT Practice Tests
  • Questions based on the 2021 DAT
  • Detailed solutions & explanations


Master the DAT

Get a high score using videos that teach you how to beat the DAT step-by-step.

  • Learn from experts in the field
  • 1000+ Detailed Solution Videos
  • 400+ Video Lessons


Accelerate your learning

Use our innovative learning system to focus on areas of weakness.

  • 3D Manipulation software
  • Detailed performance analytics
  • Track your progress over time


Boost your PAT Score

Advanced software that will generate unlimited PAT questions just like the real DAT.

  • Manipulate questions in 3D
  • Generates representative PAT questions
  • Analyze your performance


The Best PAT Resource

PATBooster’s content is now fully integrated into DATBooster. Rest assured, you’re in good hands!

  • The #1 most popular PAT resource
  • 2 popular resources in 1
  • Additional bonus practice tests and questions not found on PATBooster

From the creators of PATBooster™

DATBooster has been created with the same quality and attention to detail that PATBooster has become known for. See how students who prepared using DATBooster performed on the DAT last year:

DATBooster Review 2020

* Average scores reported to us by students as of 5/1/2020

How does DATBooster compare to
other resources?

DATBooster offers the most powerful tools and high-quality content
representative of the real DAT compared to any other company.


  • Number of Practice Tests
  • Number of Questions
  • PAT Content Videos
  • Biology Videos
  • Reading Comprehension Videos
  • DAT-Specific Study Notes
  • PATBooster Included
  • PAT Generators with Analytics
  • Keyhole Generator
  • Built-in 3D Models
  • Tiered TFE Question Bank
  • Mark-Learning System
  • Visualized Progress
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • Created for the 2021 DAT
  • Higher Score Guarantee
  • Average Scores by Students


  • 62 Practice Tests
  • 6200+ Questions
  • 65+ HD Videos
  • 33+ HD Videos
  • 22+ HD Videos
  • 20+ Chapters
  • 24AA

DAT Bootcamp *

  • 60 Practice Tests
  • 4670+ Questions
  • 55 Videos
  • 19 Videos
  • 19AA

*Average scores mentioned are based on DATBootcamp’s popularity claim of students using their product last year while considering the national average
in comparison to scores reported to us by students who used DATBooster this year.

Our students ❤️

We consistently help students score higher than any other resource.
Here’s what students say about us.

DATBooster was an incredible resource to have as I studied for the DAT.

I prepared with both DATBooster and DATBootcamp, but those were the only two resources I used and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Kendra Domotor
Kendra Domotor
25 AA 24 PAT

DATBooster is hands down the best resource to nail the DAT by far.

I was debating between DATBootcamp and DATBooster. There is no need to pay $500 for DATBootcamp, as DATBooster has literally everything and more.

Niken Patel
Niken Patel
22 AA 20 PAT

DATBooster has literally the most representative and easy to use website.

I only had 4 weeks before my exam when I really needed to practice questions. I did all their exams and reviewed them extensively.

Joany Eux
Joany Eux
27 AA 22 PAT

DATBooster is the only resource you need, this was my primary resource and was the only reason that I was able to do well.

I used Bootcamp for a little bit but I did not like the exams they were too easy and are not representative of the DAT.

Abbas Rizvi
Abbas Rizvi
25 AA 24 PAT
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Real Customer Reviews 

Frequently Asked Question

DATBooster is a powerful platform that has been designed and created with one thing in mind: Our students! From comprehensive content and high-quality videos that mimic the DAT, to advanced generators and software that analyse and pinpoint areas of weakness. Our practice tests are designed to be challenging enough to prepare you for the 2021 Dental Admissions Tests and truly reflect what you may see on the DAT in 2021. With DATBooster, preparing for the DAT has never been this efficient or affordable.

We offer amazing features and high-quality content that no other DAT company offers, including:
  • 6200+ DAT Practice Questions representative of the 2021 DAT
  • 1000+ Solution Videos that show how to beat various DAT questions
  • Tiered Top-Front-End Question Bank to help master this section
  • 100+ Dave’s DAT-specific Organic Chemistry Videos that cover every Organic Chemistry topic on the DAT in an easy format
  • 77+ Dave’s DAT-specific Organic Chemistry Videos that covers every topic on the DAT
  • 65+ PAT Content Videos that show you how to approach every PAT section step-by-step
  • 33+ DAT-Specific Biology Videos that cover difficult high-yield topics to help you master them
  • 22+ Feralis Reading Comprehension Videos that show you how to master the Reading Comprehension section
  • 14+ Chemistry Booster Notes that cover the fundamental Chemistry principles on the DAT
  • 9+ Advanced PAT Generators that creates unlimited PAT questions
  • Detailed solutions with built-in 3D models in every practice test
  • Innovative Mark-Learning System that will accelerate your learning
  • Floating Cube Questions recently added by the ADA
  • One-on-One online tutoring for any question you may have
  • Advanced Analytics to track your performance over time
  • Premium Support 24/7
  • ​… and much more!

DATBooster’s practice tests contain high-yield DAT questions specifically for the 2021 DAT. In fact, you can expect to see similar, if not the same, types of questions to appear on your real DAT. To ensure quality, we are the only DAT resource that updates our content on a weekly basis.

DATBooster was created by a team of dental specialists, elite educators, developers, and engineers with the goal of delivering exceptional preparatory materials for the DAT, at an affordable price. Currently, the market is full of companies who either have not put in the time to cater their material specifically for the DAT, or are just simply not affordable. We are here to change that with our revolutionary platform that aims to take your DAT scores to the next level.

Do you have questions?

We will always be here to help! Simply reach out to our team and we will work hard to get back to you as soon as possible.

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